Inuplan A/S is a Greenlandic advisory firm that solves tasks in the building and construction industry as well as in the environmental sectors and provides consultancy within the mining industry.

We are a knowledge-based firm with 50 years of experience based on the company’s competent and locally attached advisors.

A high level of experience as arctic consultants, makes us attractive for work partners, nationally as well as internationally.

At Inuplan A/S we have a vision that: " We will build and strengthen technical consultancy capacity based on qualifications in Greenland"

Inuplan is owned by 11 employees and has offices in Nuuk, Qaqortoq and Ilulissat.






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We have more than 50 years of experience with consultation in the construction business in Greenland.
We can help with the planning of major construction works.
We are continuously working to improve ourselves to be one of the best consultants in Greenland.
We have contributed with the development of CSR in conjuction with GA for small businesses.
With our new environmental department we can now make environmental reports and assessments.
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